Our Novice Only Track Days allow anyone to experience the thrill of riding on a race track without the pressure of being surrounded by more experienced circuit riders.

If you have never taken part in a track day before, or you have only taken part in a few events, then a Novice Only day is a great place to start.

The novice stipulation is in reference to the rider, not the machine. Novice riders are welcome to come on their road bikes; however some have already acquired track bikes at this point. Others borrow a friends racing bike, just to dip their toe in the water. In every case - they all are novice riders.

The day will include:

• Cones around the circuit to help you master the track effectively.
• Limited number of bikes on circuit.
• Experienced rider coaches on hand throughout the event, offering advice and on-track training.

Please note: our Novice Only Trackdays are for riders who have little or no experience. Race licence holders are not permitted and will be refused entry without refund or credit.

As with all our bike track days riders must have a fully unrestricted bike licence, be wearing either one piece leathers or two piece that zip 'all' the way round. Proper bike boots and leather gloves.

If none of the dates on our Novice Only calendar suit you then you might want to consider one of attending one of our Sessioned Track Days in the novice group. These are listed in the calendar below under Novice Sessions.

Typical Day

Signing On

Signing of indemnity forms, checking of driving licences and allocation of instruction sessions.

Signing on

Noise Testing

Before taking part in any track day, all vehicles are subject to a noise test. Please see the noise testing regulations to see how this is measured.

Noise testing bikes

Safety Briefing

This will cover everything you need to know about the day from rules of the event, through to bike preparation, riding techniques and circuit information.

Car briefing

Familiarisation Laps

Also known as 'ducks and drakes', the familiarisation laps are give you a chance to experience each bend behind a pace bike at a reduced speed and get a feel for the racing line.

Familiarisation Laps

Track Time Begins

The track day begins and it's time to put your bike through its paces. Warm your tyres, start off slow and build up your pace up throughout the day.

bmw novice

Extra Mini Brefings

On our Novice Only days we provide extra mini-briefings thoughout the day on body positioning, track riding techniques and the circuit (correct racing line and corners to look out for). All of these sessions are included in the price of your day!

mini briefings