Leathers and equipment

The following guide contains all the information you need regarding leathers and the equipment that is required for you to attend track day events.


Leathers are a mandatory requirement for track day events as stated in the Track Day Regulations

  • All leathers must be either a one piece or two-piece suit with a joining zip all the way around the middle (a minimum of 3/4 of the way around).
  • There should be no skin or undergarments visible when your arms are fully raised.
  • Textile equipment is not permitted on trackday events.

One piece or two piece leathers?

If you do the odd track day but mostly ride out with friends then two piece leathers would be more beneficial for comfort, as you can remove the jacket easily to cool down/socialise. Two piece suits are also suited to riders who have a small waist but large chest. Please remember that your suit must zip together with the zip running a minimum of 3/4 of the way around with no skin or undergarments visible when your arms are fully raised.

If you are a more experienced rider or you are a track day regular then a one piece suit might be more suitable and comfortable as you will naturally be moving around more on the bike.


For leather to do its job properly it needs to be tight! Do not buy leathers that are too big as they will increase in size from anywhere between 10-15 percent.

Riders using leathers that are too big are at risk of "leather burn" and more seriously - the armour being able to swivel, possibly causing more injuries than necessary in the event of an accident.

Points to remember:

  • Don't expect leathers to be easy to get in to. If you don't break into a sweat getting into them, they are quite possibly the wrong size!
  • When in a leather jean check out your rear: you should be defined in that area! If you have no bum then look at your legs. It should be as free from folds as possible but slight gathering at the knee is ok. Clean lines are a must!
  • Don't worry if the armour is not on your knee when standing. Assume the position or better still - sit on a bike. Armour should then be in the correct place.
  • Jackets should fit close to you, though if you wear a back protector make sure you try a new jacket with it in place. .
  • It is normal for the ankle cuffs of a leather jean to be up to two inches higher than your ankle bone as this area will be covered by your boots.

You will also need:


ACU helmet stickerAll crash helmets worn by riders must comply with current ACU/FIM standards. This is denoted by a gold sticker being present on the helmet an example of which is shown.



Bike boots and leather gloves are also required for track day events. As with a zip for two piece leathers - no skin must be visible at the joining areas of two pieces of equipment.


Halo Leathers

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